Драйверы программы Machinekit для работы c RISC сопроцессором внутри процессоров Allwinner H2+, H3 и H5
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Machinekit: image:https://jenkins.machinekit.io/buildStatus/icon?job=machinekit-builder[]

Manpages: image:https://jenkins.machinekit.io/buildStatus/icon?job=machinekit-manpages[]


TO RELY ON SOFTWARE ALONE FOR SAFETY. Any machinery capable of
harming persons must have provisions for completely removing power
from all motors, etc, before persons enter any danger area. All
machinery must be designed to comply with local and national safety
codes, and the authors of this software can not, and do not, take
any responsibility for such compliance.

== What is Machinekit?

Machinekit is a platform for machine control applications.

Machinekit is portable across a wide range of hardware platforms
and real-time environments, and delivers excellent performance at
low cost. It is based on the HAL component architecture, an intuitive
and easy to use circuit model that includes over 150 building blocks
for digital logic, motion, control loops, signal processing, and hardware
drivers. Machinekit supports local and networked UI options, including
ubiquitous platforms like phones or tablets.

== Getting Machinekit

The easiest way to get up-and-running is to install Debian Stretch and get the binary packages.

Please go to link:http://www.machinekit.io/[www.machinekit.io] for this and all other information,
including documentation.

== History

The open-source Machinekit project forked from the open-source LinuxCNC project
(http://www.linuxcnc.org) in 2014. At the present time, identifiers such as
'linuxcnc' and 'emc' (the antecedent of linuxcnc) still occur in various
places. These occurrences are diminishing with time as the Machinekit codebase
and Machinekit documentation evolve.